North Carolina Nutrient Management Software—Download

Setup Information

The file linked below is a self expanding zip file.  Download the file to any temporary directory (such as c:\temp) and double click on the file nmp_install.exe to begin the extraction process.  The program will ask you for the directory (folder) where you wish to place the installation files.  You can use the same folder or create a new one.  (Note: the 17 MB file expands to over 75 MB in the process.)

Move to the installation folder and double click on the Setup.exe (or you may click on the Start Button and select the Run command - use the browse button to move to the folder containing the installation files - then  click OK).  (Be patient - this can take a minute or two while the program searches for installed files).  Once the installation is complete you may delete the files in the installation folder and the zipped download file - they are no longer needed.

You should be aware of the following items related to the setup, installation and use of the NC Nutrient Management Software Program.

  1. Setup will automatically generate a folder named C:\Program Files\Nutrient Management and install all necessary files to run the Nutrient Management Program. Unless you choose an alternative installation configuration, all necessary files will be installed in this folder.
  2. The North Carolina Nutrient Management Software Program was designed to run on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows XP. If you are using a different operating system, such as Windows 3.1, you may encounter errors that prevent you from running the software.
  3. The report generator used to generate the Nutrient Management Plan Reports uses the nonprinting areas established by your printer as the default printer margins. If parts of your plan are clipped off during printing, you should consult the user's manual for your printer to try to increase the default print margins of your printer. If you still encounter print problems, call for assistance at 336.771.5053 to request an alternative report format.
  4. To Uninstall the software, click on Start in the lower left hand corner of Windows. Click on Settings and then click on Control Panel. Double Click on Add/Remove Programs. Select Nutrient Management from the list of programs and then click on the Add/Remove button. The uninstall program will then begin the process of uninstalling the software and all the files it previously installed.


Updating the N.C. Nutrient Management Software with the new Manure Nutrient Content

Please notify the Division of Soil and Water Conservation if you download this file so we can track the number of copies in use.